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Proximity to downtown Pittsburgh

Located just a short 15 minute drive from downtown Pittsburgh, you can take advantage of being close to major business, universities and fmancial centers,but without the inner-city hassles. Pittsburgh is continually ranked by FORBES magazine as one of the top corporate headquarter cities.

Proximity to other large markets

The greater Bridgeville area and surrounding communities are only hours away from many of the key economic centers of the U.S

Proximity to Pittsburgh International Airport

Virtually all major airlines service Pittsburgh International Airport which is located only 15 minutes from our area. A major airport expansion adopting the best features of the world's best airports, along with 21st century state-of-the-art technology, was completed in 1992. This expansion contributes substantially to the growth of surrounding communities like ours.

Adjacent to a major interstate highway

With two access and exit ramps to Interstate 79, we offers convenient and speedy access to the interstate highway system. Interstate 70 is just 15 minutes away, Interstate 80 is only one hour to the north and Interstate 68 is one hour to the south. State Routes 19, 22/30, 51, 60 and 40 also are close.

As you can see, our area offers a prime location for access to both regional and national ma.rkets, suppliers, and distributors. Proximity to other transportation methods, housing, education systems, and local businesses are covered in the following inserts. Consider and compare our convenient and efficient location when analyzing your business move.

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Business Sites

The greater Bridgeville area and surrounding communities offer many excellent sites. From pre-developed land parcels to existing office and retail complexes you will find the right location for your firm.

Follow the lead of several well-known national and international companies and locate your firm in our growing area. Whether you are seeking existing office space or land for new construction, you will readily see the great business potential in our area.

  •  Convenient access to the interstate highway system, including 1-70, 1-79, 1-80 and
         the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
  •  A fifteen-minute drive to the City of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh International Airport,
         as well as railroad and waterway transportation systems.
  •  Business/industrial parks offering "flex-space" for your growing business needs.
  •  Complete utility systems and support from utility companies in planning your
         firm's relocation.
  •  A full range of sites in various stages of development for large, medium-sized
         or small business

Come and visit our region and you will see for yourself the obvious advantages offered by the greater Bridgeville area and surrounding communities.

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Unique: (u-nek') adj., one of a kind; having no equal

Unique is the one word that best describes the communities served by the Chamber. Many other places boast of their special features, but only our area brings it all together for you and your business. The greater Bridgeville area offers you a small-town atmosphere and the surrounding municipalities including Collier, South Fayette and Cecil offer vast acreage for development and future expansion.

Statistical Information

  •  Bridgeville
  •  Cecil Township
  •  Collier Township
  •  Heidelberg
  •  Scott Township
  •  South Fayette
  • Numerous churches and top schools are located within the area. Professional daycare centers are also available. Top-level cultural events, including the symphony, theater, and other artistic events can be found locally.

    The greater Bridgeville area has safe and friendly neighborhoods. Each of its municipalities maintains an excellent police department and proudly boasts a lower than average crime rate. Eight volunteer fire departments and three emergency medical services provide quick and effective response times. These departments combine to provide a safe and worry-free living environment for our residents and businesses.

    All of the features listed above combine to make our area a great place to live, work and raise a family. Come and visit and we will be pleased to show you the convenience and friendliness that we offer.

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    The majority of Pittsburghers choose to live in the suburbs rather than in the inner city. Numerous beautiful and convenient communities are located in and around the greater Bridgeville area. Housing opportunities exist for a variety of lifestyles. Economical apartment complexes, large rural estates, and typical suburban-type housing are some of the options offered to residents. Large or small houses, luxurious or economical, unique or traditional, you will find many alternatives from which to choose. Live on a golf course or within walking distance of the center of town.

    In addition, mortgage rates in Western Pennsylvania are continually below national averages. There are several realtors and financial institutions in our area which can help you with your housing needs.

    The communities making up the greater Bridgeville area and surrounding communities boast convenient shopping, restaurants, recreation, leisure, and medical services. All of these services are offered by local businesses. Affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and recreational facilities combine to equal a high standard of living. We are a great place to call home. Come visit us today.

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    Strong education systems are available in and around the greater Bridgeville area, including a number of highly-rated school districts. These effective public school systems, as well as many qualified private schools,provide students with challenging and successful academic curricula. These programs are designed to maximize the potential of our children.

    Educational alternatives are also available to students. In the local area, several colleges and universities offer both two and four-year programs,and many offer advanced degree programs. Vocational training schools are also available to provide customized job training in student apprenticeship programs through schooI/business partnerships.

    Local colleges and universities include:

  •  The University of Pittsburgh
  •  Carnegie-Mellon University
  •  Duquesne University
  •  The Pennsylvania State University Commonwealth Campuses
  •  Robert Morris University
  •  Point Park University
  •  Community College of Allegheny County
  •  California University of Pennsylvania
  • A sound education system is fundamental to the continued growth and success of a community, and the Greater Bridgeville Area offers opportunities for top-level educational preparation.

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